Monday, September 8, 2008

"It ain't da seafood dat makes ya fat anyway -- it's da batta!"

New Orleans is the most interesting city if you're into different cultures and foods. There are so many cultures from so many different countries and it's all blended together to create some really GREAT food!

"it is an indisputable fact that no place loves its food quite as sincerely – or as indulgently – as New Orleans. Some people eat to live, but New Orleanians live to eat. As a result, the city offers one of the most incredible – and incredibly diverse – concentrations of exceptional dining and unforgettable cuisine in the world. "

We make sure we try different things and Scott seems to be the better one for doing that!

We learned to cook Gumbo, Jambalya, Bread Pudding and Pralines at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Note: When you cook Onions, Peppers and Celery together, it's called Trinity. See pic at top!

My pictures make everything look they are the same color but believe me, they weren't!


Bread Pudding


Scott had some Alligator Sausage made into a Po Boy

We had great smokey Ribs...

The Gumbo Shop was recomended to us as a place that the 'locals' love. It's not a chain and a little out of the way. It was good!

PJ and I both had the
CRAWFISH AND PASTA IN TASSO CREAM Penne pasta, crawfish tails and tasso, tossed in a reduced cream sauce


All you want after the 3rd day after eating N.O.'s food is a nice bowl of


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